Red Tails is Kicking Butt at the Box Office

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Dr. Christopher Emdin: 5 Messages from the “Slavery Math Problems”

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A Black Church Gets Ownership of a KKK Store

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Dr. Boyce: Couple Who Died Fighting for Civil Rights Deserves to be Honored

december28.pic6 .article Husband and Wife Died on Christmas Fighting for Civil Rights:  They Deserve to be Honored

Harry and Henriette Moore were the first couple to die in the struggle for Civil Rights. 
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Beautiful: The Obama Release their Family Photo

the obama family portrait

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Malcolm X’s Daughter Arrested for Failing to Repay Restitution

Malcolm X’s daughter Malikah is in serious trouble for an incident related to the woman she robbed a few months ago.  

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Dr. Boyce: Did You Know that Newt Gingrich’s Middle Name is “Leroy?” No Kidding

Newt Gingrich's middle name is Leroy

Wow, who would have thought that the first president with the middle name “Leroy” would actually be a white guy? 

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Sara Bartman: The Original Video Vixen – How We Learned to Objectify Black Women

sara bartman is the original video vixen

You ever wonder where the concept of the video vixen comes from?  This video about Sara Bartman, the original video vixen, reminds us of the tradition of objectifying black women and their bodies.

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Compton Girl Becomes Youngest Black Woman to Fly Solo Across the United States

Kimberly Anyadike becomes the youngest black female to fly solo across the United States. 
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Woman Writes An Open Letter of Apology to the Black Man

Nojma Muhammad: An Open Letter of Apology To Black Men In Hopes of Reconciliation

A black woman writes a letter of apology to black men. 

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Amazing Video of Barack Obama in 1991 Doing a “Black History Minute” Segment

barack obama shows up in old black history minute video from 1991

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Dr. Boyce: Why I’m Happy for Cornel West

boyce watkins talks about cornel west and black scholarship

Dr. Boyce Watkins discusses the work of fellow black scholar Cornel West among other issues. 

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First Black Marines to Finally Be Recognized for their Heroism

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Voter ID Laws Cause Grave Concern Among Voting Rights Advocates


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Condoleeza Rice Details The “Race Problem” of Hurricane Katrina and What Went Down Behind the Scenes

condoleeza rice details the "race problem" of hurricane katrina

Condoleeza Rice has a lot to say about what went down during Hurricane Katrina.

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Noted Black Scholar Rudolph Byrd Dies at the age of 58

professor rudolph byrd dies at the age of 58

Rudolph Byrd taught at Emory University for over 20 years. 


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Black Wealth Continues to Be Decimated During the Recession

Black family wealth has dropped to levels that haven’t been seen since 1984. When is the bleeding going to stop? 
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Inmate Labor Used to Remove Tomb Stones with the N-Word Carved in Them

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As MLK Memorial Being Built, the Legacy of Harriet Tubman is In Question

harriet tubman's legacy is in question

by Carolyn Evans-Dean


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Dr. Boyce Discusses Problems with Henry Louis Gates’ Analysis

Henry Louis Gates gets slavery's history all wrong

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. recently wrote an interesting piece for the New York Times called, "Ending the Slavery Blame Game." In the piece, Gates effectively argues that the fight for reparations is convoluted and somewhat mitigated by the fact that African elites participated in the slave trade. While describing complex business deals made between some African leadership and the Europeans who brought Africans to the New World, it almost appears as though Gates is saying that this disturbing relationship somehow undermines the right of African-Americans to hold our government accountable for its involvement in crimes committed against our people.

At very least, I am under the assumption that by "ending the slavery blame game," Gates is arguing that we should stop blaming the United States government and white America for the rape, murder, castration, lynching and beating of our ancestors.

Sorry Dr. Gates, but I must respectfully (or perhaps not so respectfully) disagree. If a young girl is sold into prostitution by her own parents, the pimp must still pay for the suffering he caused the young woman. He can’t simply say, "Her parents made a deal with me, so you should stop the blame game."

In other words, the United States, as a broad and powerful industrial entity, benefited from slavery to the tune of several trillion dollars. Much of this wealth was passed down from one white man to another, and was always out of the grasp of the black men, women and children who gave their lives on American soil in order to earn it. As a result, the median net worth of the African-American family is roughly one-tenth that of white American families and we have consistently higher unemployment due to our inability to create jobs, since white Americans own most businesses. These facts hold true without regard to how the African-American holocaust started in the first place. They also hold true because wealth and power are commodities that are passed down inter-generationally, and we missed out on all of this because we were slaves. What occurred after we left Africa can and must be considered independently from what happened while our forefathers were in the mother land.



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